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august 2018

New Lumina lamp: model Lumina Persona

The 'Lumina Persona' lamp is a table lamp where the lamp is 'held' by a 3D printed hand.
The hand was first scanned and then edited with the computer to get a nice, open grid structure, which can only be realized with 3D printing technology.

It is very surprising to see that the lamp at the top is lit without any electrical connection.
The hood is covered with a special, iridescent foil. Due to the internal reflection in the hood, the suspension is reflected "infinitely" times, which also gives a special effect.

The pedestal of the Lumina Persona in the picture below is an ancient piece of floor board of "Hoeve Nieuw Ehrenstein" near Kerkrade (NL)
This monument is owned by the Limburgs Landschap foundation and is currently being restored.
So it is a 'state of the art', monumental lamp.

Like all other SemperNovum lamps, the lamp can be personalized.
So you can have your own hand scanned or you can choose a different material for the pedestal. Like e.g. a tight marble plinth or material from another / own monument!

Click on the images for an enlargement.



SemperNovum-Arcus-S-CN zm

For more info on the Lumina serie lamps see:  Producten > Heritage line > Lumina

SemperNovum-Arcus-S-CN zm