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The Arcus is an innovative, functional desktop lamp on a base of unique, centuries-old material.
The transparent strip is of high quality, scratch-resistant plexiglass. This strip is fixed in a metal base made of solid, brushed stainless steel.

The hood is also stainless steel with warm white, energy efficient power LEDs.
Furthermore, this lamp also has RGB LED lighting that shines upward from the base to subtly and stylishly light the plexiglass strip.Using the touch control the lamp can be switched on and off and the color can be set.

The height of the lamp is slightly adjustable.


Arcus on a marlstone base of Ch√Ęteau Neercanne.
They are remnants left over after the restoration of the terrace walls.

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Same lamp on a side table in a modern interior :



Furthermore some variants:

SemperNovum - Arcus Frisia - SN-SV-EV 1 800x600

Arcus lamp with 'Friese geeltjes'
'Friese geeltjes' are hand-molded bricks from the 19th century from Frisian (Dutch province) clay.
They come from a monumental farm that has recently been restored.


Arcus desklamp with preserved ancient wood from the restored Volmolen in Vaals.



Arcus with foot of18th century window frame stone from Schloss Merode(D).
In World War II the castle became badly damaged and had these stones replaced.
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