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SemperNovum - Arcus-S XX-KC-LV2 4x3 720x240 r2.JPG


The Arcus-S is a floor lamp based on the Arcus desktop lamp.
As a reading light, this lamp also has bright but energy efficient warm white power LEDs.
Furthermore, this lamp has also RGB lighting that shines upward from the base to subtly and stylishly light the plexiglass strip.
The reading light can also be turned off making it a stylish mood lamp.
Using the touch control, the lamp can be switched on and off and the color can be set.
The height of the lamp is adjustable.

SemperNovum - Arcus S SN-VV-LL2  660x495icon_magnifier


Of the Arcus-S several variants are available which are slightly adapted to the shape and material of the foot.
The Arcus-S in the image above has a very characteristic wooden rafter.

Or with a centuries old bar of Schloss Merode that survived the big fire of the year 2000:


In another variant Namur stone is used as the foot , like windowframe stones of Kasteel Cortenbach, shown in the picture below.
lso a signature is engraved in the lower plexiglass strip, that lights up when the ambient light is on.



Also for big marble stones of Ch√Ęteau Neercanne this model is very suitable:


In this model the mood light also shines out of the marble itself which gives a wonderful effect:

SemperNovum-Arcus-S-CN zm