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Château Neercanne

In the beautiful Jeker valley near Maastricht, close to the border with Belgium, lies the only terrace castle in the Netherlands: Château Neercanne. The castle stands on a high terrace, built against a hillside with beautiful baroque gardens in front .

The current castle was built by Baron Dopff in 1698. He used the castle as a country estate and guesthouse.
One of the most famous visitors was Tsar Peter the Great in 1717.
The last aristocratic inhabitant sold the château in 1947 to hte foundation “Het Limburgs Landschap” who restored the castle. In 1984, Camille Oostwegel took over the exploitation of Château Neercanne and now it is an exclusive restaurant, rated with a Michelin star.

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In 2009-2010, some terrace walls of the castle were restored.
The ancient marlstone rocks that were released and no longer could be reused, were then provided to SemperNovum. These stones date from 1698 when the castle was built.
The marlstone however is, of course, much, much older. It is limestone from the Cretaceous era and thus more than 70 million years old. It originated from compressed skeletons and shells of small sea animals that lived in shallow seas of what is now South Limburg.
Remains of these fossils are often visible in the stone.

All lamps, except the Molaris, can be ordered with marlstone of this beautifull château.

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