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The lamps can be ordered by contacting SemperNovum.
You can then specify your requirements: what model you want with which material and from which monument.

Also material of your own "monument" is possible!
Other functional and technical requirements also can often be realized.
Each lamp becomes, therfore, custom made lamp: a lamp to which only your story belongs.

The prices of the lamps vary between €500,- and €3500,- and depend on the material, the monument and your specific needs. The more exclusive the monument and the scarcer the material, the more exclusive, but also the more expensive a lamp will be. The processability of the material and its condition also play a role.
E.g. a granite pedestal is more difficult to process than a foot of marlstone. The latter requires however more attention for good preservation.
So please feel free to contact us for prices.

If you would first like to see the lamps, you can.
To do this just contact us for the current showroom and gallery addresses.