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Cortenbach Castle

Cortenbach Castle is one of the five castles of Voerendaal (NL) and national monument.
The present castle was build with the remains of an original medieval castle which stemmed from the 14th century.
The only remains of that castle are two round towers made from local Kunradersteen, presumably the corner towers.
There is also a part of the old wall left.


The current castle is built around 1713 as a mansion in classical style by the merchant Herman Lamberts form Aachen. In 1776 it is again largely rebuilt.

The castle has two wings located at the rear, with stone-framed windows, stone corners and a mansard roof.
The facade has a tympanum with the alliance weapon of Lamberts deCortenbach - the Veijder Malberg

The farm of the castle was built between 1638 and 1645 and has a diagonally placed square tower with a characteristic onion-shaped spire. See below on the right in a painting from 1889.


After the castle was sold 1936 by the last owner it became an exclusive hotel / restaurant.

In 1986 it was bought by the company Vebego who thoroughly restored it and reopened the castle in 1988.
Vebego International is a firm with 46000 employees, 100 companies and operates in 5 European countries.
Cortenbach Castle is now the headquarters of this firm, but most of all home for its employees, customers and suppliers.

With remains of the restauration of Cortenbach Castle several lamps are made, among aothers the Arcus-S Cortenbach.
See photo in Producten > Arcus-S

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