Heritage line

The Heritage Line consists of several models: desk lamps, table lamps and floor lamps.

For each model you'll find a brief description and one or more photos of possible lamps.
The lamps shown are only examples. You decide what material of which monument you want, or you can supply the material yourself.
Each lamp is thus a unique and an exclusive custom made piece with a special story.

All lamps are obviously only produced in (very) limited editions, depending on the availability of the historical material.

The lamps can optionally be equipped with a special interface to operate them remotely with the Semper Novum smartphone app.

(Click on the lamp name for more information and on the photo to enlarge)

Arcus >>                   


Arcus-S >>

Lumina >>

SemperNovum-Lumina Carbo SN-ON-BH4 250x188

Molaris >>

SemperNovum - Molaris2 SN-MK-LV 250x188

Petasus >>

SemperNovum - Petasus SN-CG-PA 3 188x250

Petasus Pendula >>

SemperNovum-Petasus Pendula SN-VR-VR 2 250x167

Candela >>

SemperNovum - Candela SN-CN-CG 250x188

Luxus >>

SemperNovum - Luxus SN-CH-LV lf 188x250

Gratia >>