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Villa Rozendael

Villa Rozendael in Melick is a villa in eclectic style that was built in 1881 by a certain Henri Spielmans, brewer and gin distiller in Roermond.
The villa is situated in a park-like garden with courtyard and is special because of the architectural integrity of the exterior and the architectural-historical rarity.

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The stately and with lots of ornaments provided villa and its outbuildings have a turbulent history behind it.
In the course of two centuries on the site of the present villa other buildings already stood, like a distillery, a farm / brewery and a tavern.
In 1881 Henri Spielmans bought the entire area and the buildings. He breaks down the farm partially and builds the existing villa.
In 1884, he beautifies a different part of the farm and makes it a depot for his carriages and horses.
In 1910 the building became a small monastery of the Sisters of St. Odiliƫnberg.
Thereafter the, regionally well-known, general practitioner Dr. De Jong lived in it for years and had here his practice.

Nowadays the house is in private ownership.

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In 2009, the coach house (in the background on the photo above) has been restored and became another destination.
A number of beams that were too bad for reuse, were thereby released.
These have been applied, among others, in the Petasuslamp

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